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Pick-up Station


Rewe offers a pick-up service to put together your weekly shopping online, pick it up and pay for it in the store. The purchase is stored, cooled, or even refrigerated and is waiting for the customer to be picked up. Rewe markets are widespread in cities and easily accessible by car in city centers. However, this service can make the lives of even more people more effortless than those who live in city centers by providing decentralized pick-up stations.
REWE Abholstation Berlin. Photo Credit: Tobias Wilms - Rewe Digital


Pick-up Station

First, we created wireframes that we could share with the developers, product owners, and manufacturing companies to define further requirements. One question was, for example, how and when the doors open. Since a purchase consists of several types of food that need to be refrigerated differently, a customer will likely have to open more than one cell.

After our internal test run, we concluded that we wanted to offer assistance with numbers on the pick-up stations doors and arrows on the screen. In addition, the doors have small flashing arrows that indicate which door is to be opened.


An essential aspect of designing the pick-up station is explaining the pick-up process. For this, we have created animated illustrations for the individual sections of the collection.
We explain The respective steps by using short animations.
In addition, we split the screen into two halves - a textual layer on the left and a visual layer on the right.

Shop Adjusments

  • Landing pages on rewe.de 
    ︎ Explaining the Pick-up Station

  • Homepage shop.rewe.de
    ︎ Explaining the Pick-up Station

  • Add2Cart context (minimum order value)
    ︎ Displaying the new minimum order Value

  • Basket
    ︎ Displaying the name of the Pick-up Station

  • Checkout
    ︎ Displaying the name of the Pick-up Station

  • Aftersales communication (e-mail & sms)
    ︎ Displaying an explanation and hints
  • Usability Test

    REWE customers tried the Pick-up Station out in a UX test for the first time. From "finding out" about the possibility of picking up your purchase at such a station, finding the option in the online shop/app, searching for the products, completing the purchase, and picking up at the station.
    The users articulated the correct association: The connection to the DHL Packstations is known because they are very actively used. The test persons elaborated the content of our idea and recognized and named one of the most significant problem areas of this idea. This way, we know that we had to explain the cooling difficulty more clearly.


    The first Pick-up station was close to our office is, enabling us to test. We were able to influence the function of the station significantly. We learned how information works across many different touchpoints and its impact on a successful user journey.
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